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to solemnize the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Hande corporation

Time:2015-07-24     Source:本站    

Time flies, how time flies, suddenly Hande company has gone through a journey of two decade. First of all, on behalf of Hande company to thanks to the employees who pay for the company and business partners who keep long-term cooperation with us as well as agency staff. This decade is our feet on the ground, and constantly enterprising of 20 years, is also a solid foundation, the continuity of the stage. Over the years, we paid a sweat, worked hard , we also harvested the laughter and happiness. Although in the future we will face various difficulties, we will be bravely, do it better. We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of board of directors, general managers, all staff unite as one, we will be able to successfully accomplish task goals for the next twenty years. We will go a long way, our tomorrow will be better. I believe that as long as we work together, the journey in the future will be certainly successful.Finally, wish a great success of anniversary celebration. and held a sports to celebrate the twenty anniversary of the Hande company.


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