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   Harbin Hande Light Industrial and Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Harbin Hande Light Industrial and Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established since 1995, through more than 20 years development, now it has already become the biggest and most successful enterprise in the bewery career, it got great achievement in technical level, production scale, brand benefit, and so on, Hande lead craft beer brewing career to a chinese characteristics road.
Now our customer has more than 1000, this includes catering, hotel and entertainment. such as Shanghai shangri-la hotel, Dalian castle hotel,Nanjing egrets chau catering, Golden Hans Restaurant Chain and other famous enterprises, in recent years, foreign trade also developed quickly, such as in Chicago there are more than 20 sets of equipment are using, furthermore, equipments have been exported to many countries including Russia, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Vietnam and so on.it is widly used in many kinds of career and places, also can bring you constantly profit.
our craft beer equipment can satisfy the demand of Germany traditional craft, this kind of beer is suitable for people, the main material is wort, hops, yeast and water, they all belong to green food, rich in nutrition, fresh flavor, and full of amino acid, the advantage of this kind of beer is no any additive, keep its original flavor, with this advantage, craft beer has already popular for a long time, in USA, there are more than 1000 brewhouses, in Germany, more than 40 thousand brewhouses. In recent years, the consumption of beer in China is growing so fast, and it has already become the biggest consume market, especially the craft beer, it can't be replaced by large scale production, so it has much bigger market in China.
the price of craft beer is different from location, grade and other factors, some even reach to 100rmb/L, in fact the cost is less than 3RMB, you can image the profit, nothing can compare with it, as a boss, you can choose one suitble kind of beer, improve the condition of hotel, then it can greatly improve your profit.
If you want to know more information about craft beer, we are ready for help, also welcome to visit our company, we are looking forward to being your partner.
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